Wisdom of Forgiveness for a Happy  Life

Wisdom of Forgiveness for a Happy Life

The wisdom of Forgiveness for a Happy Life is certainly one of the most important areas in the way of our personal change and growth. Wisdom of Forgiveness for a Happy Life is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves.

I can’t believe what they have done to me! I can’t over it. I will never forgive you. It matters to me that I know, I’m right and they will eventually figure it out. Really don’t know by which I deserve all this. She does it on purpose. How could they do this to me?

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Everything would have been different if my parents supported me. You ruined my life. I can forgive but not to forget. This is the thanks for all the good I have done!? He hurt me; he’s the one who should apologize! Whole my life they made fun of me. I was a child and they hurt me. I can feel that I will never recover. Why are you doing this to me? I cannot forgive fraud…

Which of these statements sound familiar to you? How often do you use and how often do you hear that? What is more important to you: to be right or to be happy? Is it more important to you to justify your resentment and to guilt the others for all the blame or is it to release yourself from the burden, which cannot bring anything good to you and finally move on? Choosing to forgive we consciously make a decision to take the path of health and not the way in which victims steps.

It is not always easy to forgive and many don’t know in any way at all how they can get over some things, they made in. Bitterness, anger, hatred, revenge, and resentment are conditions that don’t contribute to our healing in any case. We cannot move forward if we are not ready to forgive.

We cannot be healthy if we are not ready to forgive. Whenever you get sick or broken, the best question that you can ask to yourself is: what is it, that at this point I’m not ready to forgive or who I’m not ready to forgive?

Forgive does not mean to justify someone’s terrible behavior, it just means to rid ourselves from the burden of the past. Torture ourselves for something that someone had once done a long time ago, really makes no sense. What happened?

We cannot go into the past and correct something that has been long ago completed. The present moment is exactly what matters and it is the only moment in which we can do something truly useful.

Forgiveness is a matter of training. If you find it difficult to immediately forgive someone who hurt you the most, start from those minor things, from some person or situation of which you’re Wisdom of Forgiveness for a Happy Lifeis easier.

wisdom of forgiveness

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So little by little, the more you ‘practice’, you will be closer to the main goal. And when you say to it: ‘I forgive you and release you to go’, you will open the door of your heart and set free yourself completely.

One of the greatest lessons that can help us to truly forgive is GRATITUDE. Considering the fact that resentment is always the reaction of something by which we are denied from, it is very useful to write down what is it, at the moment that you are grateful for. By making this list, enriching and extending it, slowly you will be able to move from attitude –‘life did not give me anything and so I have to complain’, to attitude- ‘life was given to me much more and there is no reason to complain’.
It is one of the best ways to balance our feelings, to make peace with ourselves and with the situation in which we are. When we start to realize how much in our lives we have, the less we will deal with what we lack.


Find some quiet place for yourself. If you are able, you can let some nice relaxing music. Allow yourself to feel how you can relax. Breathe. Take a pen and paper. Go back in time and remember that entire why are you angry or furious.

Write down, what you can remember. Allow yourself that some more things float. You will be surprised for what of all you can remember any of what you have not forgiven to yourself and others.

Feel free to write everything. Don’t make a selection. When you’re finished with writing your list, start from the first point to the last row, so read it and tell: ‘I forgive you for all what you did to me’ and try honestly, to feel it.

If there are some things over which is currently difficult for you to move on and to forgive them, just tell: ‘although I don’t know how I’m ready to forgive…. (this and that)…’ It is important to feel that honestly, to desire that and not only to say empty words.

You might find some points easier and some harder, but it is the most important to be aware of them and to show a willingness to get rid of that burden. You will see how you’re going to feel an incredible relief by doing “Wisdom of Forgiveness”.

When you are finished with the last sentence of the list, tear the paper and throw it. You no longer need it. The most important is to get rid of that energy, so you don’t need to think of it anymore.

How was your experience about Wisdom of Forgiveness in your life?

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