Life is a journey, not destination

Life is a journey, not destination

Life Is A journey Not Destination. People should have strategies in their lives. Such strategies would be successful if they bear the principle of ” Do what is important and benefit”. This principle is the core of success in personal, social and particular life. Because the “Life is a journey, not destination“.

Life is a journey, not destination

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-To be realistic.

-Never fear failure but have your precautions in order not to fail.

– Never re-live the past’s failed experiences and just think about what can you do next.

-Learn from your previous failure and avoid repeating its reasons.

-To have your own experience not to be obtained one.

-To make what you have already accomplished be a reward for you.

-Life’s problems do not need remedies, but they need a wise treatment.

-Tolerance is one of success powers.

-Consider life as a journey moving from a place to another adopting conditions to reach success.

-Take steps, not only have goals as having an organized plan is nonsense without execution.

-Always think about success and avoid negative atmospheres.

-Never stop learning and reading. They are always leading to success.

-Hard working and being patient are important elements to success.

-Never give up your dreams and leave no step untaken to reach success.

-Seize chances and lose nothing.

-Learn from your previous mistakes to reach facts and never repeat them again.

-Concentrate on your possible efforts and available finance and beware what can confuse you.

-Never stop creativity and innovation. you must be distinguished in order to be successful.

-learn to understand others and how to motivate them. None can live isolated in a remote island away from people.

-Be sincere and frank. Have the responsibility and be reliable as well.

-Support other people’s good views and don’t have objection frequently without right.

-Classify your priorities and start to carry out what important.

-Try to understand yourself firstly and determine what you need and what is your target in order to go organized.

-Abide by co-operation. It’s an important in life to seek success.

Co-operation Theory says;

– Great confidence leads to greater co-operation.

– lack of confidence leads to less co-operation.

– Have a strong character.

-Admit that there are many problems and try to set a plan to solve them.

-Write down your dreamy ideas and what you dream to come true.

-The assured guarantee is your own skills and your internal resources.

Life is a journey, not destination

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You should ask yourself such questions;

– Who are you now?

-What are you doing now?

-Why are you doing that?

-Where and When?

– Where do you see yourself later?

-Be confident and get an advantage of your strengths.

– Prepare yourself for competitions and efficiency.

-Think about your future in all the fields; personal, educational and social.


Achieve financial independence;

-Search for income sources not just for a salary.

-Re-think about affairs that related to money.

-Determine your needs according to priorities.

-Can you sacrifice for reaching a specific standard in life?

-Don’t be harsh on yourself.

-Reach success gradually in its legal and organized steps in order to taste it well.  

You must know that conviction is the key to happiness and that reaching perfection is completely difficult to take things simply.

Learn how to celebrate your success in accompany of friends, family members or people you like.

-Enjoy your free time as there must be a balance between your work time and your free time in order to live well and qualify your self for the better. And enjoy your it because “Life is a journey, not destination”.

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