Coldness Syndrome & Treatment for Happy Life

Coldness Syndrome & Treatment for Happy Life

Coldness Syndrome & Treatment for Happy Life

Winter is the season that activates all the problems of coldness in the human body. Usually in the transition from warm to cold period, the human body needs several weeks of acclimatization , adjusting to the new circumstances. In that period of the time which is with someone in a shorter duration, and with some others much longer , for “Coldness Syndrome & Treatment for Happy Life” it is necessary to aid the body in different ways to cope with the new changes. Because of that, dressing should be layered, nutrition enhanced, and activity moderate.

Coldness Syndrome & Treatment

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However, not everyone is susceptible to coldness with the same intensity. People with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to the coldness as well as malnourished and elderly. External coldness as well as consuming cold foods and beverages can worsen the symptoms, for those who already suffer from chronic diseases, so they should be especially careful.

To the formation of cold syndrome can occur even in youth and that in a long-term due to the passive position. Daily stay in front of the TV screen or computers, threatens to create a healthy yang body and it can be a prelude to the many problems of coldness , including obesity. Recommendations for all who have to spend too much time a day in front of the screen computers or in one place without moving is required to make a break filled with physical activity- Stretching the body, squats, pushups, Tai Chi, Qui Gong and yoga asanas.

It is desirable to make an active break every hour and a half to two.As for the dressing, layered dressing is best during the winter and don’t go out without your favorite scarf.

During the winter it is necessary to avoid cold food and it is recommended that you drink water at room temperature. During the cold days – lukewarm drinks , soups and condiments like horseradish , ginger , cinnamon, turmeric , curry, chili, pepper, can help. Increased intake of rice in the nutrition may also be useful as well as nuts and various types of teas. And while you eat, sure, surround yourself with loved ones , they can also heat!

Veggie menu for a happy lunch:

Vegetable soup

Grate the carrots and celery and stew on olive oil for several minutes. Put half of the fresh pepper and a few leaves of parsley and celery, top up with 1 liter of water, and cook about 15 min. At the end , add some noodles or dumplings, salt and pepper by your wish.

Rizi bizi

Coldness Syndrome & Treatment

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Peas stewed in oil until it tender , then add brown rice, stew and pour water ( about 2dcl ). Cook until thickened. Season with salt to your taste.

Tomato sauce

On a little oil, fry a tablespoon of flour and add the crushed tomatoes , a cup of water, a teaspoon of sugar and a little salt , and boil for a few minutes.

Breaded cauliflower

Cook the cauliflower. After cooling dip them in a mixture of flour, salt and water (it can be a little turmeric and curry also to obtain a golden color), and than in breadcrumbs, and fry until it get s golden brown from all sides.

“Coldness Syndrome & Treatment for Happy Life”

by your wish..

Spice & Enjoy in every bite

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